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Japanese Buddha Statue – Kamakura Amida Nyorai Daibutsu Buddhism Buddhist

Japanese Buddha Statue Kamakura Amida Nyorai Daibutsu Japan Buddhist Buddhism Tokaido Softypapa

Japanese Buddha Statue Kamakura Amida Nyorai Daibutsu Japan Buddhist Buddhism Tokaido Softypapa

Japanese Buddha Statue Kamakura Amida Nyorai Daibutsu Japan Buddhist Buddhism Tokaido Softypapa

Japanese Buddha Statue Kamakura Amida Nyorai Daibutsu Japan Buddhist Buddhism Tokaido Softypapa

Japanese Buddha Statue Kamakura Amida Nyorai Daibutsu Japan Buddhist Buddhism Tokaido Softypapa

Japanese Buddha Statue Kamakura Amida Nyorai Daibutsu Japan Buddhist Buddhism Tokaido Softypapa 


Small metal (not sure what type) statue of the Daibutsu (Great Buddha) figure at Kamakura, Japan.  The Great Buddha of Kamakura is 13.35 meters tall and the second largest Buddhist statue in Japan (the largest is at Todaiji temple in the city of Nara).  The Kamakura Daibutsu is made of bronze and was cast in the year 1252 and originally housed in its own building at Kotokuin temple.  However the statue has sat in the open air ever since the original temple building was washed away by a great tsunami tidal wave in the late 15th century.  The Kamakura Daibutsu is actually a representation of the popular Amida Buddha.  The Amida Buddha originated with an Indian bodhisattva (one on the road to enlightenment) named Dharmakara (Japanese: Hozo) who promised to prepare a special place in the afterworld where departed spirits could go and be free of worldly strife.  This special land is commonly referred to as the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss where the Amida Buddha presides and welcomes any who recite his name with true sincerity (the actual chant is “Namu Amida Butsu“).  The great statue’s hands are arranged in the mida-no jouin mudra arrangement which is found almost exclusively in Japan and in association with the Amida Buddha.

About the Listed Item

This very small (please see size information below) statue is made of metal and includes Japanese writing on the bottom which identifies it as a replica of the Kamakura no Daibutsu or “Great Buddha of Kamakura“.  The statue is in good condition with no chips, cracks or large scratches though the figure does have a layer of dust filling most crevasses.  This status is less than 30 years old.

Height: 2.7 inches (7.0 centimeters)
Weight: 3.9 ounces (110 grams)

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item code: R1S4-0003702
ship code: L1650



  1. Hello,
    Please accept my aplogies if I have misunderstood this site, but is this figure of Amida for sale?
    I am looking for a small figure of Amida, ideally in the form of the Kamakura Daibutsu.
    If this one has gone but you have others, I would be grateful to see them. I am not an art collector – it is for a small home shrine – so I am not looking to spend a huge amount of money. I am looking out for something reasonably modest, but beautifully made. I’d be happy to wait if you thought one might come along.
    Many thanks,
    Mat Osmond

  2. Hello Mat, Thank you for your comment and interest in this statue. I’m afraid that this item is no longer available and that we currently have no others like it in our store. I hope that you are able to find a nice statue for your home altar. Thank you again for writing and good luck with your search. Sincerely, Kurt Bell

  3. No problem. Many thanks for getting back,


  4. Greetings Mat (& Kurt),

    I too am after a copy of the Kamakura Amida, for similar reasons to yours, Mat–though not for use in rites: more as an aid to contemplation. Thus, I’m interested to know whether you’ve been able to source one subsequent to your posting of Dec 4, 2009, as I have been after one for several years now, but to no avail. Incidentally, there are some Islamic theologians (as you may have guessed, I’m a Muslim) who look apon the Buddha as one of those Heaven-sent Messengers mentioned in the Qur’an.
    Kind regards,

  5. I have one of these items, it is in better shape then the one shown here. Much darker black and no nicks or chips. Just curious, what did you sell yours for?

    • Hello, Congratulations on your nice sale. I’m afraid that we do not keep records of our sale prices. Thanks for commenting. -Kurt

  6. Kurt, I have an item remarkably similar to this one, and I am trying to find out all I can about it. I may want to sell it and don’t know it’s value. Please email your response to or you may contact me on ebay at mom2krystal. My item is the same little figuring above, same size and shape etc. However, the underside has a few more symbols and they are not all the same as the ones on the bottom of these. And the item appears to be metal. But I have no clue what kind of metal this is. It appears VERY coppery and shiny with black over the top, worn away in parts to show the shiny red coppery color under. Either that or the black on top is some sort of patina. Not sure which. I understand that you may not be an expert on the matter, but since you’ve had two remarkably similar items in your possession I thought you’d be a good one to ask. If you don’t have any information for me could you give me some ideas on where to look or who to speak to to figure this out? Thanks, I very much appreciate your time.


    • Dawn, I’d be interested to hear what you discover, and if you feel you want to sell it when you’ve found out what you need to know do get in touch on:
      Apologies Kurt, I know this is not ebay!
      And thankyou Kashif, that was very interesting to learn – I didn’t know that, about the place of the Buddha within Islam.
      Wishing you all well,

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