Posted by: softypapa | January 5, 2008

Vintage Japan Hagoita Paddle – Hanetsuki New Year Game

Vintage Japan Hagoita Paddle Hanetsuki New Year Game Japanese Tokaido Softypapa 


Vintage Japanese hagoita paddle for use with old fashioned hanetsuki game.  This game was in the past a popular pastime for girls who would use the paddles to hit a shuttlecock back and forth.  The game was especially popular on New Years day.  Hanetsuki is no longer commonly played in Japan though many people collect and produce their own hagoita paddles to be used as decorative items.

About the listed item

This vintage hagoita paddle is in good condition with no cracks though there are marks and scratches from handling.  The paddle is less than 40 years old and acquired in the historic city of Shizuoka, Japan near the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Length: 14.4 inches (37.0 centimeters)
Width (across widest point): 4.3 inches (11.0 centimeters)
Weight: 5.3 ounces (152 grams)

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item code: R3S3-0003407
category code: hagoitamono
ship code: G6


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