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Small Maneki Neko Luck Cat Porcelain Japanese Figurine

Maneki Neko Luck Cat Porcelain Japanese Figurine Japan Tokaido Softypapa

Maneki Neko Luck Cat Porcelain Japanese Figurine Japan Tokaido Softypapa

Maneki Neko Luck Cat Porcelain Japanese Figurine Japan Tokaido Softypapa

Maneki Neko Luck Cat Porcelain Japanese Figurine Japan Tokaido Softypapa 


This small (please see size information below) Maneki Neko statue in good condition with no chips though it does have some marks and scratches from handling and age.  This statue is less than 30 years old and was acquired in the historic city of Shizuoka, Japan near the foot of Mt. Fuji.  Click here to see additional Maneki Neko available for sale within our eBay store The Old Tokaido.

Height: 2.9 inches (7.5 centimeters)
Weight: 2.1 ounces (61 grams)

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Maneki Neko – Japan’s Beckoning Luck Cat

Japanese legend holds that long ago an emperor was traveling on horseback when he spotted a small cat waving at him.  After the emperor dismounted from his horse to get a closer look the horse was struck by lightning and killed.  Subsequently, the emperor pronounced that cats in general should be respected as sacred animals and thus was born the legend of the beckoning Maneki Neko.  This is just one of several popular tales regarding the origin of Japan’s most famous cat.

Today in Japan you are likely to spot a Maneki Neko figure waving at you from within just about every Japanese place of business.  The legendary kitty has been transformed from an emperor saving Samaritan to a bringer of money and good fortune to all Japanese.  There are basically three types of Maneki Neko: The first and oldest type is waving a single paw in an effort to attract people to it (just like the emperor’s savior).  Another newer version (yet still likely centuries old) is a Maneki Neko waving one paw while holding an old fashioned Japanese coin in the other paw.  This second type is thought to bring wealth to its owner.  The final type of Maneki Neko is a modern version which waves both paws.  Still further variations exist with additional meaning even ascribed to such things as the color and pattern of the coat.  Maneki Neko are usually ceramic and are often used as piggy banks.  Piggy bank Maneki Neko will have a slot in their back to receive coins and a hole in the bottom for their removal.  Many modern Maneki Neko are purely decorative (no piggy bank) and may be made of papier-mache or cloth in addition to the traditional ceramic styles.  To learn more, please visit our About Japan page and look for the feature titled Maneki Neko Corner.  This special section of our website is dedicated exclusively to all things Maneki Neko and includes additional information as well as interesting photos of authentic Maneki Neko in use in Japan today.

item code: R2S5-0003397
ship code: L1650



  1. Is this piece still available? What is the price? Thank you.

  2. I would like to purchase the maneki neko displayed on your site—item code: R2S5-0003397; ship code: L1650—–paypal is ok or credit card–please advise regarding ordering this item——Thank you, Bill Fleck

  3. Hello Bill,

    I am writing in response to your inquiry regarding the small Japanese Maneki Neko figure shown on our company blog “Small Maneki Neko Figure (item #R2S5-0002297)”. My name is Kurt Bell and I am happy to assist you with any questions. I’m very sorry but this particular figure is no longer available. If you are interested in Maneki Neko figures then I would like to invite you to visit our eBay store The Old Tokaido where you might find something you like. The link is included below. I’m sorry again that the figure you like is no longer available. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Here is our store link:



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